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The fastest growing vibration device for enhancing muscular performance and recovery.

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Geoffrey Puls - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Chicago Bulls

"The Pulse Device is truly a unique and intuitive idea. The ability to locally “que” specific muscle groups with a gently proprioceptive vibration has helped us improve movement quality during training and rehab. These devices have become a valued tool for our performance coaches and athletes alike and we will continue to utilize them during our daily training and rehab sessions."

Chris Leary - Head Athletic Trainer, SCSU

"I think one of the most important questions with products is the “why” behind them. I saw firsthand the correct activation of our target muscles in a student-athlete while preforming rehab for his ACL. That mind body connection which the device is focused on is fundamental in post-surgical rehab programs."

Eileen Sarai - Certified Personal Trainer, Equinox NYC

"A lot of my clients need help isolating certain muscles. When I use the devices with them, they're really impressed with how much it makes them improve the focus to their muscles and feel their workouts."

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Tiny Devices. Endless Benefits.

Activate More Muscles

mind-muscle connection

Enhance Focus

Increase Strength

Reduce Injury Risk

Reduce Pain/Soreness

muscle imbalance

Repair Imbalances

Best in Class Features

Sinusoidal Vibrations

pulse device battery life

Up to 10 Hours Battery Life

Hands-Free Use w/ App

Targeted Vibration Technology

Pulse's Localized Vibration Technology is engineered to activate the body’s natural reflexive response to precision vibration, engaging the mind and muscles in a consistent and controlled manner that results in accelerated training and recovery benefits.

Use of localized vibration has been shown to improve muscle activation, strength, and flexibility, as well as help reduce soreness and alleviate pain. Localized vibration's effectiveness has been proven in dozens of medical and scientific studies as well as clinical rehabilitation and wellness facilities, sports performance centers, and are currently utilized by a vast amount of professional and collegiate sports teams in the US and many others around the world.


See Why Customers Love Pulse

Discover Ultimate Performance & Recovery with Targeted Vibration

Experience the pinnacle of performance with the Pulse Device's localized vibration technology. We combined facilitative proprioceptive tapping with low-frequency vibration stimulation, offering you dramatically improved neuromuscular function and better targeted activation wherever you need it most.

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