Pulse Device App Settings Explained

Pulse Device App Settings Explained

Performance – Standard Mode: These settings utilize low frequencies (<30hz) and are built for isolated exercises where you’re training with weight that is <=60% of the users 1RM. The lower frequency allows for increased muscle activation without involuntary muscle contractions These are designed to repetitively draw your attentional focus to the target muscle, enhancing your mind-muscle connection and gently increasing motor unit recruitment so that you can train without nearly any changes to your normal workout routine.


Performance – Guided Reps Mode: These settings are designed to create a tempo/pace that users can use to control the concentric and the eccentric portion of their reps.

Guided Rep Type 2 & Type 3 utilize much higher frequencies (100hz+), which should give more experienced weight lifters a much stronger feeling of activation than the standard vibrations. These high frequencies have also been shown to dramatically increase maximal strength and power output.


Recovery Mode: These settings utilize higher frequencies (30hz+) in order to aid muscle relief and speed up recovery. Because of the high frequency, these settings will also trigger the tonic vibration reflex (TVR), which has been shown to enhance the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells and support their functioning, resulting in improved blood circulation. These settings are great for gently reducing soreness, alleviating pain, relieving tension, increasing range of motion, and improving flexibility.


Warm-Up Mode: These settings utilize higher frequencies (30hz+) in order to increase muscle excitability and prepare them for intense training or activity.

These settings can be used while resting or stretching depending on which program type you choose and help to reduce injury risk and increase strength.

Warm-Up Type 2 uses higher frequency which will increase blood flow more than Type 1. Both of these settings are similar and different people will benefit from different settings so you should try both.