How to Use the Pulse Device

Adhesive Instructions

1. Clean and dry the skin on the target muscle. Do not use moisturizer prior. We recommend using the alcohol wipes we provide, but even using something like a shirt can work. 

2. Remove the white film from either side of the adhesive and stick that same side onto the bottom of the device.

3. Press around with your fingers onto the adhesive to get rid of any air bubbles.

4. Remove the white film from the other side of the adhesive. Then, flex the target muscle and stick the device directly onto the muscle belly (the central bulging portion of the muscle). For optimal use with high muscle definition, try to stick the device onto the flattest part of the target muscle while staying in the same general area as the placement diagram.

Note: Try to reduce the number of reapplications if you want the adhesives to last as long as possible. For example, if you're doing chest and triceps but only want to use the devices for your tricep workouts, keep the devices in place on your triceps while you do your chest exercises.

Click Here for Video Tutorial

Device Instructions

Follow the placement diagrams on our app or website for optimal use

1. Download the "Pulse Device" app for your smartphone.

2. Connect your Pulse Devices via Bluetooth and then stick them to the muscle(s) you're training.

3. Select that same muscle group on the app, start the vibrations, and begin your workout. Make sure to pause the vibrations in-between sets.

4. For optimal performance while working out, squeeze/flex your muscle at the top of the rep for up to 3 seconds before moving the weight back down. Make sure to pause the vibrations in-between sets.

We have created optimal vibration settings per each muscle group based on extensive research and testing. Please note that each muscle has unique vibrations, so if the vibrations switch from intervaled to constant or feel completely different, don't be alarmed!