Proven Technology, Backed by Science.

Pulse Device's patent pending Localized Vibration Technology is engineered to activate the brain and body’s natural reflexive response to targeted vibration, engaging the muscles in a consistent and controlled manner that results in accelerated training and recovery benefits.

Localized vibration's effectiveness has been proven in dozens of medical and scientific studies as well as clinical rehabilitation and wellness facilities, sports performance centers, and are currently utilized by a wide variety of professional athletes, personal trainers, and physical therapists.

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Pulse Device's Localized Vibration Technology Helps You:

Increase Activation

mind-muscle connection

Improve Focus

Increase Strength

Reduce Injury Risk

Reduce Pain/Soreness

muscle imbalance

Repair Imbalances

Vibration causes your body to respond and stimulate these systems:






Explore the Research Behind Pulse Device

Localized Vibration Training (LVT)

Localized Vibration Training is an evolution of Whole Body Vibration Training, whereby instead of applying a vibration to the whole body through a vibrating platform, instead the vibrations are targeted on individual muscles using small devices such as the Pulse device.

These devices create vibrations that elicit a physiological and mechanical response in the muscle, which has been shown through wide-ranging scientific research to provide a range of useful benefits to the user.

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