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Pulse Device is used by a wide range of fitness and health professionals, including NFL and NBA players, personal trainers, physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches and much more.

Vibration training has been flying under the radar for over a decade and we're the first people to make it accessible and affordable for everyone.

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Here's what the experts are saying...

Geoffrey Puls - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Chicago Bulls

"The Pulse Device is truly a unique and intuitive idea.  The ability to locally “que” specific muscle groups with a gently proprioceptive vibration has helped us improve movement quality during training and rehab.  These devices have become a valued tool for our performance coaches and athletes alike and we will continue to utilize them during our daily training and rehab sessions."


Eileen Sarai - ISAA Certified Personal Trainer, Equinox NYC

"A lot of my clients need help isolating certain muscles. When I use the devices with them, they're really impressed with how much it makes them improve the focus to their muscles and feel their workouts."

Sean Gallagher - Former Running Back, Woods Cross Wildcats

"As someone who has dealt with a lot of sports related injuries, l've used a lot of different products to try and help me get back to the field as quickly as possible. The Pulse Device was the only product that helped me retrain my body and mind so that I can function my muscles properly again and get back to doing what I love."