Pulse Device Benefits for Physical Therapists/Personal Trainers

Pulse Device Benefits for Physical Therapists/Personal Trainers

Why Pulse?

The Pulse Device can be a great supplement to help physical therapists and personal trainers to enhance exercise performance to their clients.

After serious injuries an individual's central nervous system can become imbalanced and will take some time get their motor learning skills back to 100%.

Long after recovery individuals will still favor the non-injured side which can lead to further imbalances and another injury if they're not careful.

It’s highly common for people to accidentally engage accessory muscles, joints, and tendons instead of the area of focus because they’re simply not used to activating the injured muscle anymore. 

Benefits range from more effective and efficient workouts to increased recovery in post-surgical rehab.


 Use with isolation exercises

The Pulse Device is meant to be used during isolated exercises where you’re trying to target and activate one specific muscle. It works especially well on stubborn/latent muscles that are a result of an injury, poor proprioception, or neuromuscular issues


Use during warmup stretches

If your client has any issues with lower back, shoulders, etc.: place the devices on that area with warm-up type 1.


Helping lifters/athletes getting back from an injury

Clients with a Cast-The Pulse Device can be placed under the cast and the Recovery type 3 vibrations can reduce muscle atrophy (Use for 1 hour a day)

Clients Returning from an Injury- The Pulse Device can be great for rebuilding the clients mind-muscle connection.

Lighter Weight The increased attentional focus and increased muscle activation allows for users to lift with lighter weight and achieve similar results. Great for users prone to injury or recovering from an injury