Pulse Device Tips & Tricks

Pulse Device Tips & Tricks

Before Your Workout

Place on muscle you want to target or the muscle you commonly injure

Use within 15 minutes of the start of your workout


While Working Out

Use at beginning of workout

Your mind-muscle connection is typically weakest at the beginning of the workout so the Pulse Device will get you ready to perform from the jump

Reduce weight used

Reduce weight to about 75-80% of what you use normally as the Pulse Device will amplify your muscle’s output even at lower weight

Use with isolation exercises

Using the Pulse Device with isolation exercises will allow you to get a fuller contraction of that muscle and get the most out of the devices.

Use on imbalanced muscles

Muscle imbalances can be caused by your brain prioritizing one side of the body. The Pulse Devices will help retrain your brain to activate both sides of your body.

Use on muscles you normally don’t feel

If you struggle to feel a muscle activating, chances are you are activating secondary muscles and joints instead. The Pulse Device will help you to isolate that muscle and increase activation considerably.

Squeeze Muscle at the Top of Rep

Squeezing your muscle at the top of the rep will help to increase muscle activation as well as increase the sensation of the vibration


For Recovery

Recover Hands-Free

The Pulse Device can be used hands-free, so you can do things you enjoy while you recover.

More is not Always Better

Make sure to follow the above guidelines for duration for optimal recovery. Longer vibration usage doesn’t mean a faster recovery.



For Advanced Lifters

Turn off Vibrations in Between Reps 

Pause the vibrations in-between sets. When you keep the vibrations on in one spot for more than ~20 minutes at a time, you will experience neural fatigue which inhibits your ability to feel the sensation of the vibrations.

Use Higher Frequencies Settings

Utilize higher frequency settings (like in the Guided Reps Mode) for more experienced weight lifters that require more stimulation.

Increase Vibration Sensation

If you have high body fat or high muscle density, you may want to apply pressure to the device by putting it under a compression sleeve (which we are releasing over the coming weeks), KT tape, or tight clothing in order to get the vibrations to penetrate deeper.