Warming up with the Pulse Device

Warming up with the Pulse Device

In addition to increasing performance in the gym and recovery after exercise or sport, the Pulse Device is great at priming your muscles and getting you ready to jump into your workout.     


  • Increase Range of Motion
  • Increase Force Output
  • Improve Blood Flow
  • Increase Motor Unit Capability


The ease of use allows to warm up your desired muscles on the drive to the gym or wherever you go.

You can use the Warm Up settings as you do your lighter warm up sets

You can use the devices while stretching to deepen the stretch and enhance the benefits of your stretching

Both low and high frequency vibrations gives users a myriad of benefits

Picking the Right Vibration for You

Goal w/ vibration

Which vibration type to use

When to use devices


Warm up the Muscles

Gets your muscles ready to workout

Type 1

Dynamic stretches/ Light warm up sets

1-5 Minutes

Increase Performance Capacity Before a Big Lift

Type 2

Use while resting or with static stretches

1-5 Minutes