Enhancing the Mind Muscle Connection and The Opportunity for Muscle Growth

Enhancing the Mind Muscle Connection and The Opportunity for Muscle Growth

 Warm Up Sets

Warm Up Sets are crucial for people who want to avoid injury but also can be helpful at building the mind muscle connection. Doing a light set allows for your mind to prepare for the task but initiates the mind muscle connection before you start lifting heavy.


Focus on the Muscle Contracting

When most people lift, they try to move the most weight as easily as possible. That’s great if you need to conserve energy or if you’re powerlifting. If you want to build the muscle and the mind’s connection to that muscle, focusing on your muscle contracting and trying to activate the muscle as much as possible will be best. By shifting your focus, you are prioritizing muscle activation and mind connection.


Adjusting Tempo

When lifting it is important to change up the pace at which you lift. It will give your muscles more of a challenge when they are not as prepared for what they will have to do. Here you want to slow down the speed at which you move the weight on the eccentric (the portion where you’re bringing the weight to the bottom of the rep) you will feel your muscles activating more and your mind engaging more in the process. Here you want to lower the weight over the course of 3-4 seconds each rep.


Hold the Rep at the Top

Pausing at the top of your workout, when your muscle is fully stretched, can provide immense benefit to muscle growth as well as creating enhanced mind-muscle connection due to the strain of the stretch with weight. Simply pause for 3-5 seconds at the top of each rep and feel into that deep stretch.


The Pulse Device

We originally designed the Pulse Device to enhance the mind-muscle connection. Although it can do many other things the benefit to the mind-muscle connection cannot be understated. In conjunction with all the tips above, the Pulse Device can accelerate the mind muscle connection whether you’re recovering from an injury or wish to build an expert level mind-muscle connection