Increase Your Bench Press with the Pulse Device

Increase Your Bench Press with the Pulse Device

Here is a step by step guide you can add to your chest day routine to increase your bench press and reduce your injury risk. Below are two exercises that will help with the hardest parts of the bench press as well as warm-up and recovery protocols to aid your muscles and joints in the process. To follow this you need your Pulse Devices and the Pulse Devices App

  • Warm-up before the gym

Warm-up Setting type 2 (Place the devices in-between the mid and front delt)

Use these vibrations on your way to the gym 5-10 minutes

  • Chest exercise to improve Bench Press(Half Rep Full Rep)

Performance Chest (Default) Setting. Place the devices following the app diagram

To perform this exercise perform a full rep barbell bench press and then a half rep so your elbows are still bent at the top. Repeat this until near failure.

Perform after your regular sets of bench press

Helps lifters move the weight at the bottom of the bench press and getting out of the ‘hole’


  • Triceps Exercise to increase explosiveness for bench

Performance Triceps (Place the device on the triceps close to the elbow)

Here you are performing Dumbbell chest press with your arms close to your torso so your elbows will be close to your hips.

3 Sets of 15-20 Reps do quick reps using the bottom of the triceps to move the weight

Most important part of the triceps used for the explosiveness of the bench press

  • Warm up sets (bench press)

Warm-up Settings Type 1 (Use during warm up sets of flat bench press)

 Place the devices on your chest following the diagram in the app

To be used during the warmup sets of your barbell bench press helping to bring blood flow and getting your chest ready to bench heavy

  • Help your chest recover after workout

Recovery Settings type 3 (Place in the middle of your chest)

Use on chest after heavy bench press to aid in recovery and reduce muscle soreness

  • Improve blood flow to your shoulders increase recovery rate

Recovery Settings type 2 (Place on your front delt)

If your shoulder is sore after benching use these vibrations to improve blood flow and reduce tension