Motion is Lotion

Motion is Lotion

Motion is lotion. You might have heard it if you’ve been to a physical therapist or personal trainer. Out of all the things they will ever say to you, “motion is lotion” will be the most important. Besides sounding a little dumb, it's vitally important to heed. Your body was designed to move and it is even more important to move in the recovery process. When we become stagnant, our connective tissue becomes stiff. There’s less blood flow and less vital nutrients getting to your muscle and connective tissue.

What You Can Do

Here the advice seems rather obvious: Move. For some this advice can be difficult to follow. After an injury or a particularly intense leg workout; movement can be difficult. 

Do What You Can

It’s important here to not push yourself past your limits further injuring yourself. Do what you can and remember that any amount of movement is better than none. 

How The Pulse Device Can Help

The Pulse Device can help with the early stages of increasing your movement. The recovery and warm up settings are great at increasing blood flow while you stretch or if you’re not there yet, while you sit on the couch. This in turn prepares you for movement sooner getting you back in the action and allowing for your body to heal itself.

Adding in the vibrations while you’re doing other things throughout the day can be a gamechanger for some people. Many people only move at the gym and then are stagnant throughout the rest of the day. Adding in 5 minute breaks to improve your muscle and connective tissue is well worth the effort.