Using Your Pulse Devices Preworkout (Back and Bis)

Back and Bicep Workout with the Pulse Device. Muscle Contraction

The Pulse Device isn’t just to be used while you work out. It can add to a great pre workout to get your mind-muscle connection primed and your muscles ready to fire.

Using the Pulse Device pre workout is a great way to ensure that you have the best workout possible. When most people workout they do some basic stretches at most and then jump into whatever their lifting routine is. This often results in a weaker mind-muscle connection for the beginning of the workout. In order to reduce injury risk and increase your muscle activation it is imperative that your mind and your muscles are ready to work at the start of your lift.


Exercise 1: Practice contracting of the muscles you plan to use during your workout with the pulse devices on.

Place devices on your Back(default), Upper back, Lats and bicep separately. Squeeze and hold for each until you can feel each contraction fully.

Exercise 2: Do these simple workouts before you lift

Back Extension

Place the devices on your lower back with the back setting. Stand upright as you hinge at the hips and bend over until your upper body is perpendicular with your legs. Make sure your back is straight as you return to your starting position. Keep your focus on the vibrations and your lower back working to keep you aligned. 8-10 reps

Bent-over Row

Place the devices on Back(default) with the back setting. Close your eyes and go through the movement of a barbell row. No weight necessary, but you can use 5-10 pounds if you feel more comfortable with that. Make sure to feel how your back is supposed to move the weight and then squeeze at the top for 3 seconds to feel the full contraction of the muscle. Repeat until you feel your back muscles activating fully.


These two exercises should only take about 3 minutes in total but will give you a massive jump start to your workout.