Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) vs. Localized Vibration Training (LVT)

electrical muscle stimulation localized vibration training

What is Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)?


Electrical muscle stimulation involves sending electrical impulses through the skin. This stimulation may provide benefits, such as helping repair tissue and strengthening the muscles.

EMS often times causes large involuntary contractions, where the user can visibly see their muscle contracting.

Many users report EMS being somewhat uncomfortable due to the visible contractions, but also because of the level of stimulation it provides. EMS must be used carefully and should not be applied unless you've done your research or consulted a physician.


What is Localized Vibration Training (LVT)?


Localized Vibration Training is an evolution of Whole Body Vibration Training, whereby instead of applying a vibration to the whole body through a vibrating platform, instead the vibrations are targeted on individual muscles using small devices such as the Pulse device.

These devices create comfortable yet powerful vibrations that elicit micro contractions within the muscle, drastically increasing muscle activation and strength output. These vibrations are also shown to have large proprioceptive benefits because they draw the users attentional focus to the target area.

Localized Vibration Training has been shown to improve everything from performance, rehabilitation from injury, recovery after exercise, and even preparation for exercise.




EMS and LTV have a lot of similar benefits but are also completely different. EMS is very strong and can often times cause discomfort, which makes LTV a nice alternative for people that don't want as intense of stimulation. EMS also completely bypasses mind-muscle connection and proprioception, whereas LTV helps the user build bodily awareness through the use of attentional cues, which can drastically improve athletic performance and general muscle function.