Increasing Focus in the Gym: A Guide

Pulse Device, Mind Muscle Connection, Shoulder Workout, Flexing

Focus is vital to success in all that you do. This applies just as much to lifting. If you wish to attain your goals, you must keep your focus.

The more one is able to focus on the muscle that they are working out, the better their results. Focus is something that must be worked at as there is a multitude of things that are vying for your attention at once. The examples below will provide a guide to you on how you can hone your focus in the gym.


  1. Listening to music in moderation

Music can be a great way to relax your body and push you through fatigue, but it will use up your dopamine and other neurotransmitters. In order to get the best from both, you should listen to music to get you through your harder lifts as well as when you are fatigued. Additionally, you should avoid music when your workout is easy. Doing so will make the times you do listen that much more beneficial

  1. Pay attention to where your focus is

What you focus on is what becomes more powerful. When things around you in the gym or thoughts in your head attempt to steal your focus away it is important to return your focus to your workout and to the muscles you’re activating      . This will enhance the amount of effort you can exert as well as strengthening your mind muscle connection.

  1. Avoid phone use in between sets

Easier said than done. Using your phone takes your mind out of your workout, and will leave you focusing on unimportant things long after you put your phone back down.

  1. Caffeine

When you’re feeling low energy or like you need an extra boost, caffeine can be a great supplement. Some lifters will use caffeine everyday and any benefits that they might get will quickly go away. The most benefits from caffeine will be seen when used as needed.

  1. Using the Pulse Device

In adjunct with the rest of these methods, the Pulse Device can be an absolute game changer for your muscle focus. The other four steps are great at freeing up your focus and neurotransmitters that are needed for focus. The Pulse Device can than laser that focus onto the muscle you’re using. This combination will increase proprioception or muscle sense, muscle activation, muscle output, and most importantly your progress in the gym.