Long Term Benefits of Lifting

Ab workout with Pulse Device. Bodyweight Exercise

The workout journey can be at times difficult to continue. Here are some of the long-term benefits that will hopefully aid you in persevering through it.


Enhance glucose metabolism

Training with your muscles increases their capacity to store blood glucose. This in turn lowers blood glucose levels. The diabetic, as well as the common person, can be a substantial difference in quality of life from lower blood glucose levels.

Strengthens your joints and bones

All the benefits promised to you from milk with none of the side effects. Along with strengthening your muscles, weightlifting has been shown to make your joints and bones stronger. This is crucial for less pain and overall wellbeing later in life.

Lowers risk of all-cause mortality

We may not have found the fountain of youth yet, weightlifting is one of the closest things for us until we do. Weightlifting was associated with a 9% reduction in all cause mortality.

Protects against sarcopenia later in life

Sarcopenia or age related muscle loss is a lot of what makes getting older hard. Because lifting works on the nervous and muscular system, it can prevent and reduce the effects.

Improves mood

Getting out of your head and into your body with weightlifting can be a great way to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. All studies that have investigated exercises impact on mood have found significant impacts on depression.