Recovery with the Pulse Device

Recovery with the Pulse Device

The Pulse Device offers great solutions to all types of recovery. Whether you want to bounce back from a hard workout, get rid of unwanted pain or increase recovery from an injury; the Pulse Device can be a great assistance in your recovery.



  • Recover with the Pulse Device on the go like on the drive home from the gym. The hands-free nature of the device allows you to do what you need to while using the vibrations
  • The wide range of vibration types allow for the specific benefits that your muscles require
  • Use the Pulse Device as you do your cooldown stretches, deepening and enhancing the benefits of the stretch
  • The size of the Pulse Devices allows for placement under a cast to improve blood flow to that area.


Picking the Right Vibration for You

Goal w/ Vibrations

Which vibration to use

When to use



Reducing light soreness

Type 1

1-2 days after exercise

20 Minutes 1-2 days after exercise

Improved blood flow & circulation

Alleviate light pain

Pain reduction & muscle tension relief

Type 2

3x a day with at least 1 minute in-between

10 Minutes

1 Minute break

3x a day

3 days in a row

Alleviates sharp pain & creates tension relief

Reducing harsh muscle soreness

Type 3

Use immediately after intense activity and/or 1-3 days after

15 minutes Immediately after workout or 1-3 days after intense activity

Increases muscle temperature

Reduces harsh muscle soreness & stiffness