What Should I Focus on While Lifting?

What Should I Focus on While Lifting?


Focus in the gym is integral to expert lifters and bodybuilders, but not understood by newer or intermediate lifters. What your brain focuses on is the area that will improve. Shifting your focus from just lifting the weight to contracting your muscle can make all the difference in your results.

Weightlift for Strength, Bodybuild for Size

If your goal is to lift weights, your brain will figure out how to lift the weight most efficiently so you can lift heavier with less energy and a lower muscular expenditure. If your end goal is solely to get stronger, this focus will benefit you.

If your focus is in contracting the muscle, you will learn how to activate more and more of the muscle as you exercise developing fuller contractions. These full contractions are integral to building size. For the bodybuilder or the amateur lifter trying to build size and look big, this focus is essential.

The Trap of Ego Lifting

If you’re lifting weight that you can’t lift properly, your brain will figure a way to do it. This usually means that your focus will purely be about getting the weight up and using any joints or muscles that shouldn’t even be used there. This results in a lacking focus, and poor activation in the muscle you’re targeting.

Pulse Device for Hypertrophy

The Pulse Device can be a great tool for enhancing your focus on the muscle. Focus just like the muscle itself is something that can be trained. The stronger your focus, the better the results. In this case the stronger focus from the Pulse Device has been shown to accelerate this muscle activation and muscle sense. The vibrations have been designed to bring your focus to the muscles you are training. This enhanced focus has been shown to enhance your brains activation of the muscle, meaning that you will be able to contract the muscle more effectively faster, intensifying your workouts.