Whole Body Vibration vs. Targeted Muscle Vibration

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Numerous studies have demonstrated that applied vibration can help in building strength in the gym, reducing muscle soreness, increasing blood flow to your muscles, and much more. With all these benefits it is no wonder that the market for whole body vibration plates, massage guns, and now targeted muscle vibration devices have surged. 


WBV or whole-body vibration is a vibrating plate that you stand on that vibrates your body at specific frequencies. WBV is used primarily at physiotherapy locations as well as some gyms. The cost can be prohibitive for most gyms and home use. 

TMV or targeted muscle vibration is a device placed directly on the muscle being trained while lifting, or any muscles that will be used before working out.

Advantages of Whole-Body Vibration Platforms

Whole Body Vibration has been a great tool for the elderly and immobile people to achieve muscle activation and get some of the benefits that exercising would have given to them. Additionally, weightlifters can stand on the platform while lifting in order to enhance muscle performance and overall results in the gym.

As the name suggests the WBV plate targets your whole body at once, improving blood flow and reducing muscle soreness to the whole body. This can be an important benefit to those who are largely inactive throughout the day.

Why Choose TMV and The Pulse Device

The Pulse Device can give users a lot of the same benefits as WBV for substantially cheaper. Our technology is also much more portable and easy to use with our pocket-sized carrying case and proprietary smartphone app. Furthermore, the Pulse Device helps users target one specific muscle rather than all the muscles of the body like WBV. This allows weight lifters to enhance their muscle performance and improve blood circulation in a specific problem area.

One additional benefit of the Pulse Device is improved proprioception. Proprioception or the mind-muscle connection is an important part of muscle functioning and performance. It is something we develop naturally as we lift, but can be enhanced when there are additional cues on the muscle. This enhancement of the mind-muscle connection is crucial for accelerating your progress in the gym. Many professional weightlifters and bodybuilders cite mind-muscle connection as paramount to their success. For them mind-muscle connection took them well over a decade to build, but with the Pulse Device that process is expedited.