Why Buy The Pulse Device?

Why Buy The Pulse Device?

The Pulse Device enters a new domain when it comes to fitness wearables. A product that fits in your pocket and has the potential to elevate your muscle strength. Using patent pending vibrational technology, the Pulse Device allows you to train your muscles without limitations.


Pulse Device and the Mind-Muscle Connection

The mind-muscle connection has been utilized to enhance people’s workouts since the 70’s and is centered around the idea of consciously and deliberately focusing on your muscle(s) while you lift weights. Several studies have shown that a strong mind-muscle connection increases hypertrophy (muscle growth) and fiber recruitment. By applying vibrational cues directly onto the muscle you’re targeting, the Pulse Device is the first wearable that helps you strengthen this connection so that you can weight train more effectively and take your physique and strength to the next level.


The Benefits

The Pulse Device gives users several key benefits for physical progress and physique enhancements. 

  1. Target/Isolate Muscles


Isolation exercises are a great way to build up a specific muscle. Unfortunately, intermediate lifters often fail to isolate that target muscle and find themselves engaging accessory muscles that they don't intentionally workout.

Feeling a Triceps workout in your shoulders? Feeling a glute workout in your lower back? This is where the Pulse Device shines. Through targeted vibrations, the Pulse Device will increase activation of your target muscle and reduce engagement in muscles that you don’t want to activate.

  1. Increase Muscle Growth   

     Muscle Activation Pulse Device

Muscle growth has been shown to benefit from localized vibrations as well as a utilization of the mind-muscle connection. In clinical studies, vibrations that were applied directly to the muscle have been shown to increase muscle growth and fiber recruitment. These appliances have only existed in the lab room until now. The mind-muscle connection has also been shown to boost muscle growth when users shifted from an external focus to an internal focus.

The Pulse Device combines the benefits of localized vibration with the perks of the mind-muscle connection. This combination gives users a significant boost to their hypertrophy gains in the gym.

  1. Fix Imbalances

    Muscle Imbalance Biceps Pulse Device

Has your left arm always been bigger than your right? Has one of your muscle groups never been able to grow no matter how much you’ve trained it? Although some of these things can be genetic, the biggest factors are under your control.

Many imbalances are caused by old patterns. Whether it be from an old injury or muscle imbalances when you were younger, the Pulse Device allows you to rework your muscles old patterns. This is a crucial step to alleviating any muscle imbalance.

Some of your muscles might have just gone through the movements without ever being activated. With these pulsed vibrations, chronically under activated muscles will get activated, fixing even the most stubborn imbalances.

  1. Strengthen Contractions

  Bicep Curl Pulse Device Barbell Preacher Curl

Proper muscle contractions are often underappreciated but are vital to your success in the gym. Many lifters will go through their workouts without even activating the right muscle. This can cause problems in the joints and secondary muscles that must take on the extra load.

The Pulse Device has been shown to increase muscle fiber recruitment of the target muscle. This means that you will have stronger and deeper contractions, which leads to more results where you want them. You can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your workouts as well as taking stress off your joints.


If you want to optimize your workouts and take your physique to the next level, using targeted vibrational technology is the best method.