How Localized Vibration Training (LVT) Can Help You Post-Injury

rehab exercise with vibration

One of the most common things that happens after an injury is the inability to engage and fire a specific muscle properly.

When you get injured, you'll often times have to immobilize the injured muscle so that it can heal. The downside is that this immobilization often leads to the mind and body forgetting how to properly engage and control that same muscle.

If this is the case for you, localized vibration training is something that you should highly consider adding into your recovery regime. 

By using the Pulse Device during basic rehab exercises, you're retraining your brain to focus on the correct area during your movements. The pulsating vibration repetitively draws your attentional focus back to the muscle, which results in substantially strengthened proprioception. You're also increasing activation in the muscle that you're actually trying to rebuild, vs accessory muscle groups that have been picking up the slack after your injury. The unique frequency of the vibrations is proven to increase motor unit recruitment, which results in improved strength and drastically more effective contractions.

Whether you're a recovering athlete, weight lifter, or anyone else with an injury that has caused you to have a poor connection with a certain muscle, the Pulse Device is built to help you drastically improve your recovery process!