Re-educate Your Mind & Muscles With Vibration

muscle recovery after injury

It's well known that injuries often cause problems with your mind-muscle connection. 

In fact, it's common amongst physical therapists that their clients often times will struggle to fire specific muscles after becoming injured.

That's why Localized Vibration Training (LVT) is an incredible solution for anyone dealing with issues engaging muscles post-injury. 

So why is LVT so good?

Because it stimulates skin receptors called mechanoreceptors that tell your central nervous system to pay attention to that muscle. This enhances your proprioception and ensures that you're focusing on the correct area during your movement.

Additionally, these vibrations are set to unique frequencies that trigger what's called the tonic vibration reflex. This causes a drastic increase in motor unit recruitment which results in substantially better activation in the target muscle.

If you're someone that's been struggling to properly activate a muscle after an injury, you should highly consider adding a localized vibration tool like the Pulse Device to your recovery training.