Calves Workout

Calves Lifting Training Pulse Device

Try these calf workouts with your Pulse Devices to grow your legs!


If you’re on this page, you've probably been trying to grow your calves for some time. We use our calves throughout the day simply from walking. Calf raises can be a great addition, but if you can’t activate your calves properly no amount of effort will improve your calves.

These exercises involve retraining your calves to work whether you're training them in the gym or just walking.

Best Exercises

Exercise 1: Standing Calf Raises (Building Size)

This may be an obvious place to start for most, but most people can do this exercise everyday without ever getting significant activation in their calves. With the Pulse Device this exercise will become sufficient for all your calf growth desires and you don’t even need any machine

To start off, put the Pulse devices on as depicted above and set your phone to the calves setting. For the first few times you do this exercise don’t use any weight or a machine. Just do calf raises in an open area and focus on the vibrations. For some this increased activation can be intense. Take it easy until you get used to it. As always with this exercise and all others using the Pulse Device use your own discretion for what feels comfortable and works for you.

Exercise 2: One-Leg Calf Raises (Fixing Asymmetries)

Similar to the exercise above this. Do this exercise to fix asymmetries between your calves.

Exercise 3: Walking with Device On Calves (Increase Athletic Capabilities)

This exercise is great for retraining your calves to work throughout the day and in more athletic scenarios. This will increase the size of your calves, but more importantly increase your calves involvement in movement during sports. Do not run with the Pulse Device on your calves.

Walking uphill will increase your calf engagement as well as increase ankle strength.