Sinusoidal Vibrations

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Up to 10 Hours Battery Life

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Bri Fellstrom - Verified Buyer

Glutes glutes glutes

Hitting glutes with these is seriously amazing. The isolation and activation is great, especially when you want to focus on a specific part like glutes medius. They stick surpisingly well too

Rachel Horman - Verified Buyer

Looooove it

So I've been lifting seriously for about 3 years. This ENTIRE time I always struggled with mind muscle connection with my quads. I'm extremely hamstring dominant and this gets me the much needed focus and activation in my quads

personal trainer who uses the pulse device

Eileen Sarai - Verified Buyer

Great for Clients

A lot of my clients need help isolating certain muscles. When I use the devices with them, they're really impressed with how much it makes them improve the focus to their muscles and feel their workouts.

Olivia Ching - Verified Buyer


Finally can feel the right muscle working! Thanks pulse!!!!

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Say goodbye to stubborn muscles.

The Pulse Device helps you target and activate those hard to hit muscles like never before, that way you can get results where you want to.