Why Training Your Glutes is More Important Than You Think

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A lot of people train their glutes solely for the way they look, but they could also serve as one of the most important muscles for overall health and fitness capabilities.


The Benefits

Strong glutes can help keep you safe with your other lifts as they support your lower back and your knees during heavy lifts

Properly activated glutes can improve posture over time

Your Glutes can help boost your power and exercise performance by improving the explosiveness in your hip extension


Why Your Glutes Are Most Likely Under Activated

In today’s world the glutes are one of the most under activated muscles. For people who spend long periods of times sitting in chairs with poor posture, your glutes will lose functionality over time. This will lead to worsening posture as well as weakened performance in the gym, and an increased risk of injury.


What You Can Do About It

Worry not because there are things you can do today to fix these problems

1. Sit less and sit properly

Sitting can put a significant strain on your body and especially on your glutes. When you are sitting it is important to sit with a straight back and to keep your weight on your skeleton and not on whatever is in front of you. Moreover, it is important to spend as little time sitting as possible.

2. Focus on activating your glutes throughout the day

Even if you train your glutes in the gym, you need to make sure you are activating them at all times. It is crucial to consciously activate them while you walk in order to regain any functionality that you may have lost.