Pulse All-in-One Kit

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Sinusoidal Vibrations

pulse device battery life

Up to 10 Hours Battery Life

Hands-Free Use w/ App

Why Customers Love Pulse!

Ethan P.

As Advertised

Great product. Love it for increased exercise focus and improved muscle activation

Olivia C.


Finally can feel the right muscle working! Thanks pulse!!!!

Rachel H.

Looooove it

So I've been lifting seriously for about 3 years. This ENTIRE time I always struggled with mind muscle connection with my quads. I'm extremely hamstring dominant and this gets me the much needed focus and activation in my quads

Joshua A.

Great for targeting a muscle

Pretty much as the title says. Helps me target and isolate a specific muscle perfectly

Download the Pulse Device App

• Control your Pulse Devices

• Adjust Vibration Strength

• View Optimal Device Placement

• View Training Tips & Motivation

Want more adhesives?

Adhesive Refill Pack - 20Adhesive Refill Pack - 20
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Optimize Your Muscular Performance

Pulse vibration technology will enhance your mind-muscle connection and give you stronger contractions.