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The revolutionary vibration therapy device for general muscle relief and recovery.

⚕️ Improve Recovery 🩸 Improve Circulation

💪 Reduce Muscle Soreness ✅ Ease Tension

💊 Alleviate Pain 🙆‍♂️ Improve Flexibility

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The Pulse Device is a hands-free wearable recovery device that uses comforting gentle vibrations to drastically reduce muscle soreness, pain, and tension. It also improves flexibility, range of motion, and even blood flow to the targeted area.

The Pulse Device makes recovery easier than ever before. All you have to do is stick the device to the problem area, select the type of recovery you're seeking (reduced soreness, tension, pain, etc.) on our app, and start the vibrations.

Here's What Real Users Are Saying

Cole K.

Post Workout Recovery

I always toss these on a day or two after my shoulder workouts. Great for relieving aching soreness and improving my range of motion when I'm feeling very tight.

Rachel H.

Comfortable and soothing

Seriously love this product!! It's so soothing when I'm sitting or laying down when my legs or back are really sore. I just sit and watch TV while I recover

Robert L.

Great for Pain Modulation

If you're a physical therapist, you know of the gate control theory of pain. Per my use, this product provides gentle vibration that closes that gate effectively.

Ethan P.

Easy to Use

As the title says. Extremely simple to use device with no wires like an EMS/TENS unit and seamless app with good instructions.

Doug H.

Better than massage gun

I really like this product because it's a lot more gentle than a massage gun. Massage guns are too painful for me

Bri F.


My legs get super sore a day after heavy squats and this product has been great to toss on and use to reduce that.


Tiny Devices. Endless Benefits.

Comfortable and gentle pinpoint vibration that is completely hands-free and allows you to continue with your normal routine. Similar benefits to a massage gun, without the pain and hassle.

muscle imbalance

Alleviate Tension

Reduce Soreness

Ease Pain

Activate More Muscles

mind-muscle connection

Enhance Mind-Muscle Connection

Increase Flexibility

Best in Class Features

Sinusoidal Vibrations

pulse device battery life

Up to 10 Hours Battery Life

Hands-Free Use w/ App

Targeted Vibration Therapy

Localized Vibration Therapy (LVT) has been shown to reduce pain pressure and muscle soreness, making devices such as Pulse a more portable and hands off alternative percussive therapy to massage guns.

As well as aiding recovery after exercise, LVT devices could also be used as a priming tool during warm up, as LVT has been shown to increase the excitability of resting muscles to the same level as
contracting muscles.

LVT has been proven in dozens of medical and scientific studies as well as clinical rehabilitation, wellness facilities, and sports performance centers around the world.


See Why Customers Love Pulse

Discover Enhanced Recovery with Targeted Vibration

Experience targeted recovery with Pulse Device's Localized Vibration technology. Localized Vibration is an evolution of Whole Body Vibration, whereby instead of applying a vibration to the whole body through a vibrating platform, the vibrations are pinpointed on individual muscles. These vibrations elicit a physiological and mechanical response in the muscle, which has been shown through wide-ranging scientific research to facilitate better blood flow, reduce muscle soreness, ease pain, and alleviate tension.

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Pulse Device BundlePulse Device Bundle
Pulse Device Bundle Sale price$159.99
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